Game is too dark

I know that the Xbox 360 outputs a strange (darker than sRGB) gamma curve, but this has to be a problem with the game. Raising the in-game brightness doesn't seem to help and creates artifacts. I've done comparisons and noticed that both the PS3 and PC versions of Mass Effect 3 don't have gamma issues. The game is almost unplayable due to the how dark all the levels are.

Any suggestions on how to correct this problem would be much appreciated. Thanks.



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Do you have this issue with any other XBox Games? Because this isn't an issue for me. If raising brightness creates artifacts on your screen it sounds like the video in your console is dying.

Graphics on this game are some of the BEST I have ever seen on any MP, jus picked it up after playing BF3 for a week an WOW what a difference, all of these games are 90% better on a HDTV.

It might actually be your tv as well I've had to do a few tweeks to my tv's settings to get it just right for my Xbox

Dude is right, all Mass Effects' have had a "dark" quality to them.  I'm running it on a nice plasma and it's always stuck out to me across all 3 games.

I noticed it more om ME3 than the others.  What sucks about it is that with all the walls and corner so dark, it is pretty difficult to stay oriented while in combat.  You get turned around pretty easily because there is no way of checking your bearings when everything is too dark to see.  

I have noticed the black crush as well, especially in Mass Effect 3. ME3 is the only game that I had to bump the in game black level to +2 in order to balance out my calibration settings on my LG. This is something that I do to good amount of games in my gaming library. Skyrim is another game that is too dark at times with its default black level, but once you do adjust the in game setting or purchase or download a calibration disc to calibrate your television it does make a huge difference and one that is very rewarding.  

I do not know if you are interested in calibrating your tv, if you have or not. But a great disc I've came across is the AVS HD 709 calibration disc. Just thought I suggest this if and only if you ever wanted to calibrate your tv. Its a free disc and very helpful. Plus it is downloadable and can burned on any blank dvd disc. The MP4 version works best for the xbox.