Game is skipping

I went to play Midnight Club LA today and the game would skip. (The music and voices)  I pulled the disk out and beside a couple smears, I didn't see anything wrong. So I cleaned them off and installed it to my hard drive. I am still having the same problem! Anyone know of any cheap cleaner or something I could try? The game is only $17 used right now. But I really don't want to waste the money on a game I already own and beat.


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Apparently it's the 360. Cause now I am having a problem with La Noire. The sound would just completely stop. And same with music.. I thought it was my turtle beaches but the same is happening with my surround sound. Anyone have any idea what the hell is wrong with this POS? This is new to me.

Something might be wrong with the internal sound thingys, not sure what you call them. Im no good with this stuff but all I can say is ask Microsoft.

Yeah I don't know. I'm not good with the tech stuff either ha. I will play with it some more. Maybe it's user error somewhere. But if it keeps up, I will let it run it's course and then trash my last 360. I am on number 6 or 7 (something like that)

it sounds like its a bout to go to me, however if you have a disk that cant be read, ive found that works best is just to rent the game for a few dollars, install the disk, return it and keep playing the disk you own.

I thought these new slims were actually suppose to work?! I've only had this thing a little over a year I think. I installed MNC:LA and I still had the same problem. I will unhook everything and see if if works just through the tv and play around with it a bit. If not I guess I neeed to call MS and start screaming.

buy a CD laser cleaner disk that might solve the problem. you can pick one up from wal-mart, gamestop,or radioshack.

Check your Audio/Video cable(s) or HDMI cable and make sure they aren't damaged.