Game is short

Finished game with 69% completion in about 10 hours the story was great but wish it had more in depth tombs and wasted little to no time hunting

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i am around 16 hrs into it and i still have lots of things to find! also this game will get another playthrough for me! i already got my moneys worth!

I'm not sure how many hours into it I am. If I had to guess, maybe around 12 or 15. I still haven't completed the campaign yet. It's fun scouring the previous areas for the loot. Multiplayer is also pretty fun, actually.

I'm about 7-10 hr in to it but that's a great 7-10 hrs (still lots to do) so i'll i'll go through it again. $60 well spent.

Still much better than most $60 video games built for Single Player. I'm happy with this purchase, and I would agree that it was $60 well spent... although, I only paid $40 for the game through Amazon, so even better!