Game is NOT meant for solo players.

Frist of all I thought Bungie in their most recent update said that only big parties will play ONLY other big parties.  I would say 1 out of 3 games in Big Team Battle I have played tonight I am playing full parties.  I hate quitting out of games but when I am getting spawn rapped by two banshees, two snipers, and a laser I think I will accept my loss and lack of "bonus" credits.

Second, If you do play by yourself doesn't seem that your team always has the players that betray or quit?  Just food for though.

With that said, rant over and does anyone want to party up?!


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From what I understand, the full parties getting matched up with full parties thing only applies to Squad Slayer. As I've said before, quitting is a serious problem that only seems to be growing. I rarely play a full game where at least one person doesn't quit.

Yeah it really is getting annoying.  I normally don't come on here just to rant but it's getting out of control.  The big party match ups, the quitting and everything and everything in between.  I have been an avid Halo player for 10 years and I am pretty close to giving up the series (at least for multiplayer).

Here's one way to absolutely, 100% guarantee you don't get matched with a Full Party. Pick Skill on the search restrictions. I've been using it for quite some time and it  has never matched me up against more than a 2 person party.


But you can't pick Good Connection as well or it takes way too long.


The only playlist you can't have both is BTB. Every other playlist, pick Good Connection and Skill!

I don't know about anyone else, but I haven't been on ONE god damn team today that hasn't been made up of idiots.


I just played a few games of capture the flag, one guy on my team used it as a Slayer match and camped with the sniper, my other team mate had NO idea how to use grenades. He betrayed me twice because when I was fighting enemies on idle Mongooses, he thought it'd be a nice idea to throw a sticky at us. TWICE. I had the option to boot, but some idiot quit the second the game started, and I didn't feel like being spawn trapped.


Every other game has been people who have no idea where they are, no idea where to shoot, or just plain idiots.


I played a 1 flag CTF game about an hour ago on Powerhouse. I went to their side by myself, picked up their flag, made it ALL the way across the level only for the melee lunge mechanic to fail on me twice so I couldn't kill the only guy in my way from scoring. So the flag was literally 10 feet away from the territory where I died, for a good 45 seconds. Did anyone on my team pick it up? NO. Did anyone on my team try to stop the other team from resetting it? NO. It gets reset, and I take it again. I die a lot faster this time, but still manage to kill the guy who killed me from the grave. No enemies around, 2 of my team mates right next to the flag. Do either of them take it and run? NO! Good God, they were only going for kills, and they all went around -13!!!!


/rant.. I'm just really sick of getting matched up against people who know what they're doing, but getting the freakin' morons/quitters/idiots on my team so that I can't win. If it were up to me, if you went 3 games in a row without even touching the objective in an objective game, you'd get banned for 15 minutes just like the quit ban. That way at least everyone would TRY to go for it rather than camping in the back with a sniper during an Assault or CTF game. IMO, there should be no snipers in 4v4 CTF or Assault if it's on Hemorrhage. It's completely unnecessary.



you guys should all play together

If you ever went to team up on some morons doing the things you talked about, let me know.  I'm always happy to hunt down campers.  

I played a CTF game where people were doing the exact same thing.  I got frustrated, but my team still won because we focused on the objective and were better players anyway.  What makes team work the hardest on matchmaking is most don't want to talk and those that do don't want to listen to someone telling them to "go here, let's do this",  and plan, etc.  They want to be lonewolves or just follow other team mates and steal kills.

Every time I've been randomly matched with players and have gone against 3-4 guys on a team, the team ALWAYS wins.  

Trust me guys, put Skill on in the Search Restrictions and you will never get matched with more than a 2 person party (Unless they are so bad that even in a party of 3-4, their Trueskill is still as low as a single players... had this happen once or twice with Recruits)


I do think they should implement a Solo setting in the next Halo though. It would make the matchmaking process much faster if you could ONLY have solo players in a certain playlist or gametype!

Sounds like everyone is in the same boat as me.  Send me a friend request to play, I'm on regularly!

well this is the reason I do not play BTB because the idiots dont know how to play objectives.....  I try I mean I can get the flag half way to our base and they wont even try to get it to our base they just sit there and camp and kill people..... I think if they want to do that then they need to play team snipers..... The only time I go into BTB is when I am almost playing with a full team or playing with my clan members... and I hate it because no one goes for the objective and I cant yell at my team mates because I have family settings...  I like nobles idea of banning them for a little bit  because they are not going for the objectives

Some people just delight in being a I in team player, I Agree with Mattkohl, just toggling your search restrictions goes a long way. Thats my two cents ><

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