Game is locked and cant continue with mission?

I'm stuck on sequence 8 at the airport just where you get to shoot the big gun. Helicopters killed me and the screen went black and just keeps loading and loading. Waited 20min. turned off and unplug for hard reset. Same thing. Forever load screen. 

I called EA support and was advised that it was a corrupt file and I should uninstall the game and reinstall to fix. But it didn't fix it. 

I go online and see that this is happening to alot of people so thats why I'm here.

Not very happy with my Xbox one. Games play terrible and resolutions and FPS are poor.

This game has locked and crashed 4 or 5 times up til now. 

First time here. Does anyone from Microsoft answer these problems here?


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I've been hearing about this issue as well but currently there is no fix available or announced from Visceral. And typically when these sorts of game errors are fixed it only prevents the problem from happening moving forward, it doesn't actually repair the corrupted file. Unfortunately my only recommendation in this situation is to delete your game save and start a fresh game.

As for Microsoft and the Xbox Forums, there are Microsoft employees and Xbox support staff that occasionally visit as well as moderators that keep forums and threads on task. Check out the Welcome page for more information:

Yaaa, well documented area to glitch and can't be passed, you have to restart the level. Seems as long as you don't die while shooting the jeeps from the gun mounted on the plane, you're okay. but if you die, it freezes. I got through it my 2 time even on veteran difficulty. the big danger is the helicopters at the end, shoot a little above them and the shells will drop down and hit. trust me, I was annoyed too, especially since you can't skip the cutscenes.

Same here, let EA know etc bit crap really.

Oh my, another Battlefield title with save file corruption problems? Hahahaha! Top quality. I waited for quite some time with BF4 to go through the campaign because so many players were reporting save file issues and losing all their progress. Same with BF3.