game is jacked

ok so had 3/4 of the game done and the autolog saver said the save point was compromised and that it would save from diff location and to hit ok ... then it starts me from the car crusher pissed so start over get passed La and it freezes turn it off it erases one level and 2 challenges.. talk to xbox they send me to EA and they think ...... after me explain   nnnnnnnnnnn     it to them 5 mill times that its a bad disk and to delete all info and get a replacement ......want to use it for a coaster at this point


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You should check to make sure the disc is clean and to check your storage to make your you have deleted anything you don't want or that important.

I've had no problems with this game. You're doing it wrong!

Maybe you're leaving the game before it's done saving. I did that awhile ago without thinking and lost half my profile. My level dropped back to one and half my achievements disappeared. Also some of the cars I unlocked were suddenly locked again. The weirdest part was that in the challenges, I had times posted in the races but those races were locked out until I completed them again. It's to bad that you're having a hard time though. NFSTR rocks!!!

Check if there is a "flashing icon" in the top left/right of your screen. That's a "autosave icon". I believe the game warned you that NFSTR uses autosave and that you must wait for it to finish before shutting off the game.

Every game I know uses that kind of feature. Either way, Let your game autosave or your game will turn to s**t.