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So this game has a strong recommendation to install to the hard drive.  I had a couple of questions:

1) Is anyone running it without the install?  How bad are the texture pop-ins and load times?  Do you have to swap discs often??

2) Is there any reason to install the multiplayer disc?  The last game that I remember recommending an install for multiplayer was Halo: Reach but I never did because any benefit was dependant on ALL players having an install anyway.  If I install I probably would only do discs 1&2 for the single player, that would be about 15 GBs right? 

 Thanks for the input.


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1 - no i didn't notice anything.  you don't have to swap discs often

2 - spoke to Tim from id Software last night and he said he didn't recommend installing the multiplayer disc > read it here

Deacon, thanks for the info and feedback straight from the source!  I got the game late last night so I will be firing it up tonight, will try it out without the install first.