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I borrow Batman : Arkham City from my friend a few months ago and I starting to have a huge and annoying problem!! The disc kept being unreadable at certain times and when I try to install it, it stops at the same percentage and tells me that the game is unreadable. It also become another problem when playing the story mode. Whenever I want to enter this place, the disc suddenly becomes unreadable but when I go to other location it became fine for a while! I eventually clean the disc alot of times but it did not work very has a few scratches that not very deep too. So someone please help me!!!! I don't want to pay for another disc as the disc is borrow from my friend


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The fact it is stoppiong at the exact same point seems to indicate that the fault is on the disc. Have you got another friend with another copy of the game that you could try, or try taking your hard drive and game to a mates xbox, if you get the same issue on thier xbox it will be the game disc.

If it's your friends copy and he didn't have any issues it's probebly the scratches, even if they don't seem that bad.   Just a tiny nick on the wrong spot on it can *** things up.

I had a similar problem with a used copy of Call of Duty 4, it too only had a few minor scratches not deep, but I couldn't progress in the story because it would always freeze at the same spot of a cut scene.  So I bought these whips from Best Buy called Scratch Out, cleaned the disc once with one of them and it worked fine.  But they were like 3 or 4 bucks and I haven't used them since so it really isn't cost effective.  But if nothing else it beats having to get a new disc.

By the way, my batman arkham city when I play riddler challenge on Prison Riot my game always say disc unreadable!! Is it cos of the scratch too???

Generally, if a game seizes up in the exact spot everytime it's likely because of a scratch or piece of foreign matter in a certain spot on the disc...:-)

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Generally, if a game seizes up in the exact spot everytime it's likely because of a scratch or piece of foreign matter in a certain spot on the disc...:-)


Pretty much this, if that error pops up on screen either an issue with the game disc or the disc drive

Try installing the game to the  HD, if it fails to install then its an issue with the disc and it needs a repair. If it does install then the game will run off the HD after the disc verification is done and you shouldnt hit the issue in the game

It's an update problem problem it's not the disc It's not the Xbox. I've got TWO copies of the game and both do the same. My first copy works but will still say disc unreadable after a while and the brand new one I bought yesterday doesnt even load at all. All my other games including batman arkham

Asylum works fine so Microsoft SORT IT OUT!!!

In the case of "the brand new one I bought yesterday doesn't even load at all", try starting your game BEFORE you sign-in to XBOXLive, as soon as you see the title screen appear, sign-in via the guide button and it should work 100% of the time...:-)

The above trick can work, fire up the game offline then connect to LIVE.


I always install games to HD, on several occasions the game has just fired up to a black screen and console freezes, uninstalling and reinstalling tended to fix it


But from what the OP posted, it sounds more likely to be a fault on the game disc

This is happening to me to, but get this all y'all that said it was the disc. I don't have a disc. I bought the game thru XBox Market Place. I get the same error. Disc Unreadable and it freezes the Xbox. Can we say Update Please! So anyone have any thoughts other than uninstalling/reinstalling or that its still the disc?

the exact same thing happens to me