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Hi guys my 7 year old daughter has started playing xbox and I am looking for some ideas for games for her either from the indie section or the arcade section don't mind which.  Things she likes: being creative, educational, she is into things like Keflings which I have, and I have found a few others in the indie games but there are so many to go through.I spent an hour last night looking and only gor rhe letter C lol,  And maybe some ideas for some family games as well would be nice too


Any help will be greatly appriciated




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Anybody know what part or parts of Forza Horizon will be included in Disney Infinity?

My kids, slightly older, really like IloMilo that I came across in the arcade thanks to a review over at IGN.  Cute, pretty visuals and puzzle solving (even co-op I think).

There is also another game coming out called "Disney Infinity" if you have ever played Skylanders it is very similar but you play as disney characters, You can play in pre made levels or you can create your own.

As previous posts said Minecraft is a must have, Also look into the Lego games they are great fun for all ages and with the new marvel superheros coming out its only going to get better.

@Fyre Thank you so much that thread is perfect, and has a lot of ideas in it.I shall look into some of the ideas although they are mainly 360 games they are mainly what she would play.

@Buc Thanks for the ideas I am going to get Minecraft anyway but not just for her tee hee, I will look into the Mensa one she is quite intelligent anyway so this could be really good for her.

Thanks again

Definitely Minecraft, which would be a perfect fit on the being creative part. One I would also recommend is American Mensa Academy-- if I had kids I think I would FORCE them to play it. It is actually really good prep for many of the types of standardized tests out there, and great practice for learning to test with a tight time limit.

There is a thread right here where people have been talking about games for that age. It might help you out some.