Game Ideas on Xbox That Play Much Like Zelda

Hello everyone! I am just here to ask a question about what are some of the games on the Xbox 360 that play in a similiar style to the Zelda games on nintendo (Windwaker, OoT, etc..) I am just curious as I find these games (More user friendly action adventure/puzzle) are most enjoyable to me than other types, and I have a hard time ever finding them. I have played Kameo which was a good pick-up that suited my style. Any help and suggestions is much appreciated!




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If you have access to the XBox Live Marketplace, download the free trial of the recently released title 'Bastion' and see what you think. The game is primarily a hack 'n slash adventure, but the great narration and story make up for the lack of a puzzle element.

Darksiders/Darksiders II

3D Dot Game Heroes....but that's not on 360 :)

As mentioned above, Darksiders has a Zelda style feel to it.  I think there is a free demo for it on Marketplace.

I personally think Darksiders was the closest thing to Zelda on the 360...

Alice: The Madness Returns also plays similar to Zelda. And it's also a very good game.

Alice Madness and Darksiders,

on PS3 you do have 3D dot game heroes...

However, Zelda is too unique to be part of a genre, don't expect a lot of similarities (except 3D dot game heroes, it's a parody/hommage). a Zelda game is a Zelda game, that's it. if you like it, wait for the Nintendo Power Glove 2, uh I meant a Wii...

or, they just dropped the price of the Nintendo Virtual Boy 2... uh I meant 3DS.

You know. If i had the time to think of something. And work with MS. I would make a XBOX only ZELDA like game. But unlike ZELDA. I would add some DLC doungions in the mix. And make it go up to 1750 pionts. And it going to be big. And it will have LIVE surport. But most likey for DLC and leaderboard.