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Hello there, i'm new with the whole game idea suggestion feed, so i'll give it a try..

I've recently watched the movie "Dracula Untold" i've noticed non suggestion on this game what so ever, there might be one or two that I havent seen.
Anyhow, think of an world, an world in suffering darkness, from rich to poor, from life to death, you have 2 possibillitys to choose from. 

1. Death Lord, become the highest of those death spreading vampires, spred the blood of an vampire to thousens of innocent people. Go trought the the maps and discover new things, find new items to wear upon new quests, discover new location on the map, and find your way trought the suffering death as an vampire. 

2. Peoples Choise, an victem of the blood tursted vampire, but yet an innocent pris whom choosed between life and death to save his kingdom,  slay the enemies trying to harm the kingdom and build your empire. Remain vampire and keep the powers of an blood sucking death eater, enemies will come and come, yet lose if the vampire can hold.
Think of an advanturing game, filled with hints and quests all over the realm, an new advanture in the game it self. Dungeons, sultans, warlords, kings, and lords, all of those is possible to question if they are worthy to live the live as rich, or if they could live the life as poor and afraid. an RPG based game with a touch of MMO, you'll level up the character to unlock new abillitis, sutch as "Vampire vision" and "Strenght of a thousend" and more to come. Unlock new dungeons and paths to make your journy more experiance full and fun.
If you'll like to get more ideas out of this then just this little here, please respond to this first suggestion fee that I've given, and i'll come up with more and improved ideas.
Here is a small map that would be what i've been having as an idea, the invirement would be simulare to the movie it self.
New better image of the map location "Northen Ireland - Transylvanian Mountain"
Sensarly Niclas Blomqvist

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