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Is there any plan to control the amount of hackers on the XBOX 360 or other console's. It is one thing for someone having a MODDED controller it is another to straight up cheat. Putting USB ports on the console's was both good and bad, it allows the players a way in. A good example is the fact that you have players already changing things on GHOST. When someone can shot a bolt action sniper rifle like a semi automatic AR or after one kill already calling in helicopters there is a problem. If you can not regulate then why place a way in for these people. It is ruining the game and I know a few good players that already have left the game. The past couple of weeks it has been getting bad. Just wondering if there is any plan to address this? Last thing myself or anyone else wants is for our XBOX servers to go done because of hackers like PLAYSTATION. 


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modded controller makes you just as much of a cheater and I still wipe the floor with em playing straight up legit and will never cheat.

No amount of software security can stop modders and hackers.They view security as a challenge and pride themselves with the fact they have found a way past it.