Game Glitch - Need help/Advice?

So I am on ACT3: Breakneck run - I just got past the cut scene then I am on a truck on a mounted turret. The all of a sudden the game just says objective failed? I haven't even been told the objective yet o_O I hit reload last checkpoint it starts the game dialog then says objective failed again... I think ima crey.

Has this happened to anyone? 


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Haven't made it that far in Campaign yet checking everything out - but try starting that chapter from the begining again & check LB (i think it is) to see what the objective is. hope it helps

I restarted the chapter, got to that point in the game and it happened again haha. I really don't want to try and restarting the entire campaign to see whether it will still happen either :|

Hmm how annoying - what I was thinking is check your objective before you get to the Truck on the Turret where it's happening for you as there maybe something you have to do before getting on the Turret which is causing the Objective Failure.

Before you get into the truck there is a cut-scene, which then takes you into the truck - You automatically spawn in the truck cos its the start of a new chapter then it starts to say the dialog then suddenly says I have failed the objective haha. I don't even have time to check what the objective was :( Thank you for trying to help me though :)

First off that sucks second off slow down. The game just came out don't beat it in one day enjoy it savor it.