Game getting bogged down after entering a new area.

A couple of times now when I enter a new area via a door the game slows down; it does not freeze it just slows. I'm not new to elder scroll games, I played Oblivion and it did the same thing sometimes. I just want to know if it's a normal occurance for other people or if I should return the game and get a new one.


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It has happened to me a few times but not many. For subjective reference I am playing off the disc on a slim model. Mostly does pretty well. I don't think exchanging the game would really help you in this case.

I am also playing on a slim without the game installed. I would just hate down the road for it to become a permanent problem.

I can COMPLETELY understand your concerns.

It happens to me sometimes but it doesn't last more than a second so not really a problem. I assumed it was just autosaving