game freezing when I log in to xbox live

If I start the game and I am already logged in, it freezes at the start screen.  If I log out then start the game, it loads but then freezes whenever I log in to xbox live.  What is going on here?


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I started playing Madden 12 today, had a successful ranked match until the end of the game. Checked my stats and after I went to Exit Game, it froze. Had to power off xbox, and now it freezes at the Press Start screen everytime, whether I'm already logged in from dash, or i log it at the screen after I press start.  Please help, I feel like all EA games I play, its one thing or another preventing me from having a good experience.

^^^^^^^ Doesnt work.

anyone have an info on this Madden Xbox live issue ?

I've been finding ways to deal with this issue, but what I've noticed is that the loading screen freeze (at start screen) only occurs during peak load times on the EA servers around 6-10 PM.  

I will try reinstalling my online pass but this smells very fishy, like some sort of way for EA to avoid paying for adequate server space (speeds are consistently awful in online play).

Is this new or has it been happening? I haven't had the problem previously, but also haven't played since yesterday afternoon.

I am also freezing at the loading screen when connected to xbox live, anyone know how to fix this?

You may need to re-download the last system update. Please remove the game from the xbox before doing this.

Also if you're having a NAT issue with your router this may give you issues with the system update "Don't know why just does" so please bypass the router.

this is driving me insane!!!!!

what the hell is this?

can someone tell me how to do a system update?

is this an EA thing?


saem problem here...I keep freezing on Madden when going on line. All other games are fine. Play madden off line and no issues...WTF

Madden 12 Game Freeze fix.

If the Madden is freezing at the start of the game when online:

1. Clear system cache

2. Delete profile only

3. Delete Madden online pass, Madden game saves, and any corrupted game data.

4. Delete last system update. (Call Xbox support on how to do this.)

5. Reboot Xbox

6. Install the xbox update.

7. Download profile

8..Download Madden online pass

9. Restart the game.

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