Game freezes when loading Downhill

Title says it all. It's doing it on 2 separate consoles (same hard drive). Already cleared the cache and redownloaded the DLC once. It was doing the same thing the first time. Anyone know what's up with this? Figured I'd ask here first because getting support from Activision/Treyarch is like pulling teeth.

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Have you checked to see if the disc has been damaged in any way? I had an issue with a game about a year ago with only a few maps and it turns out the disc had a scrape right over where that data was.

Disc is fineas far as i can tell.  All other maps load normally.  Besides, a 1.9 gig download of content locked on the disc?  According to that other post Mattks made it sound like the DLC wasn't onthedisc.

It froze up once for me last evening when loading Downhill.  I rebooted the X-Box and I was able to get into the map when it popped up into the rotation.  

yea same and this is the 3rd time for me.

This has happened for me several times as well.  It happened to a buddy tonight but we weren't going into Downhill, we were going into Hijacked.

Game's broken atm,I keep getting games where everyone 1 bars for ages except the host and 1 or 2 others and it takes like 5 minutes before it migrates.