Game freezes a lot now

Anyone else have this issue?


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play mercury hg if you want freezing/slowdown!

and nope it hasn't happened to me at all

Yup, same here. Been freezing till I had to restart console. I can still hear my xbox party friends chatting away though. Darn.

Happened to me this weekend, got semi-reset too.  It's not often, maybe once a month but only when playing Gears.  At first it seemed to only occur while playing horde but this last time occurred while i was in MP.  It's wise to backup often nowadays....

Only had one freeze all weekend and that was the first freeze i can even recall.  Doesn't happen much for me at all.

Yep, I have lost many Horde waves lately due to freezing. Wish Horde saved after every 10 waves completed.

Nothing new, unless you're a new frequent horde player.

Well, I have been trying to knock out 1200 waves of Horde for a week now so I guess Horde just has issues?

never happened to me when i knocked out my 2000 waves.

Only freezes for me when trying to load the game when joining in "quick" mode.

Yeah I didnt start having horde freeze ups till shortly after Fenix Rising so I think its something 1 of the TUs caused.