Game Franchises that needs a rest

Here are the game franchises what I think should just be put to rest, they're suffering from either being milked every year and/or just getting downright boring now, here are some franchises that needs to just end:

1. Call of Duty = Reason: Being milked every year & its getting really boring now, its just the same game every year but with a new story and a couple of tweaks to multiplayer, ever since MW2 came out, Call of Duty kept getting worse with new installments, Activision, please retire from CoD and make something else for a change.

2. Madden = Reason: Being milked every year, Madden may have been fun like 10-15 years ago, but nowadays, its pointless now, EA do us a favor and put Madden to rest, we're getting sick of it now.

3. Assassin's Creed = Reason: Milked every year and pretty much the same game but with new storylines, plus last few installments are not that good (Black Flag was decent though) so there's no telling if Syndicate is going to fix the series or not, but Ubisoft, give Assassin's Creed a rest, make another Prince of Persia game or whatever.

4. Halo = Reason: Getting boring now, Halo has had its day, its days have been over since Reach, now all of a sudden, Microsoft is slowly milking the franchise to death, Microsoft I know Halo makes a lot of money for you, but give it a rest, now since you have the money from Halo MCC (and Halo 5 when it comes out in October), use that money on a couple of new IPs.

5. Mario = Reason: Getting boring now, Mario has had its day, its days have been over since Sunshine, some of us are getting tired of Mario every year, Nintendo do us a favor and let Mario take a few years off, make something else for a change.

6. LEGO Series = Reason: Being milked, yes the Lego games are good and all, but how many Lego games do we really need before we're start getting burned out, TT Games, take a few years off from Lego and make something else for a change.

7. Sonic = Reason: Getting boring now, Sonic games used to be good, but now pretty much since Sega went 3rd party, Sonic has truly gone downhill from here and there, the last great Sonic game was Sonic Adventure 2, after that, the rest became mediocre to terrible to awful, Sonic 2006 & Rise of Lyric really shows that Sonic days are over and had been over since the PS2/Xbox/Gamecube era, Sega just let Sonic retire, he had its time.

What do you guys think, what game franchises do you think should need a rest, share your thoughts on the comments below.


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Call of Duty DEFINITELY needs a rest.

Is milk your favorite word? Btw, you don't have to buy any of those games. Mario is being put to rest soon. Imo, none of those franchises need to be put to rest. I still enjoy all those games except for Madden cus I don't play that. Why didn't you just put sport games in general? /facepalm

I agree, new IPs would be nice.

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Hello Defy Lightning, I don't care for all of these games anymore so I don't buy them, but I will give Halo one last chance to redeem itself though, if Halo 5 is a flop as well, then no more Halo for me. As for Madden, yeah the only reason its still around anymore is because dude-bro gamers continue to buy them, as for me, I never purchased a Madden game in my life, but back then, me & my brother used to play Madden 06 on the PS2, some decent fun times though.

The Final Fantasy series.  The remake of 7 is brilliant, but it's time for the series to be dead and buried.  

Silent Hill - Unless konami can go back to their roots, they need to kill the series immediately.

I could go on, but that's enough for now.

Lego does not need a rest. DLC packs are a bit much, but there's still content they could announce and I'd get amped. We'll be picking up Lego Jurassic Park some time this year.

I also have to disagree w/ Assassin's Creed.  They do need to wrap up the series or step back to a more distant time again, they're getting too close to current events. Would not want to see Kennedy as a target, just sayin'.

Madden/Annual Sports games in general: Stop saying it's a new game. Make a DLC update option, make a full version option for someone who doesn't have the current engine. Use the same engine for a few years, then revamp the whole thing. Look at Street Fighter 4. Each new iteration has added things, that you can either update, or jump in fresh if you haven't got a SF4 title yet.

Halo can retire. 4 was horrible, wasn't fun to play, didn't feel like Halo. 5 looks like it's gonna strike me the same way.

Call of Doodie needs to retire:  X cheated on Call of Duty threads, I got banned playing CoD & didn't do anything! ugh.

Happy Wars can go to hell too. ;)

COD for sure, Halo perhaps... Assassins Creed doesn't need a rest, just take it out back and shoot it ;)

Get rid of Mario and that's Nintendo basically done, God knows how many Mario games they've spewed out...

Call of Doody. That is all.

Call of Duty needs a break badly.  I think Activision really needs to take a step back and reevaluate their franchise.  However, i think we are in the minority as the game still sells millions.

Madden doesn't need a break, it needs competition.  Madden was at its best when 2K was going head to head with them.

Halo is just fine.  The Halo Franchise is taken care of wisely.  Halo's face (Master Chief) has been seen 4 times (with an additional cameo) in 14 years.  They release spin off's such as ODST, Reach, Halo Wars, Spartan Assault because the Halo Universe is huge with lore.  But the games are diverse.  RTS, and Top Down shooters are not everyones bag.

Ubisoft needs to slow down the Assassins Creed yearly releases.  Ubisoft is flat out cash grabbing a lush franchise.  Something that could have went on for 25+ years is nearly dead to me after 8.  It is a tradegy.  

Out of all of the games i can think of.... Only Assassins Creed and Call of Duty need to just take 2 years off and let people miss their franchises.

I think the sports games (Madden,nhl,ufc,nba,wwe) need to stay because most people who buy them do it for the updated roster plus other tweaks and updates. I think call of duty could use a break for a while then  some back but not in the future. Assassins creed is getting old it should be shelved for  at least one or two years. Also cut down the ad campaign by half. Halo is probably fine right now. After halo 5 maybe have a halo wars 2 in between halo 5 and 6. I agree on,sonic. Unless Nintendo buys it and reboots it, it's basically dead. As for mario I think it's doing good