Game forums missing ?

So since I heard about the overhaul on the xbox forums I thought I would start posting on here again.

But I was wondering why a few games dont have their own forums ? It only seems to be the big titles on here right now. I was looking for info on Operation Flashpoint: Red River because I was considering buying it, but the game didnt have its own forum to ask opinions on it.


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I think there working on it.  If there wasn't one for the old fourms. Then that means the developers or publisher hasn't asked for one yet.

I know this is a little late but......

Operation Flashpoint - Red River is not a game I would suggest for anyone. The amount of time just sitting there, unable to skip through the boring, predictable, blathering dialog is ridiculous. Between three combat points where I was actually playing the game, I timed 6 minutes of downtime. God forbid one dies, it's nearly a minute of "buffering" (local no less) before one can get back into the action. One ride from point a to point b is a solid two minutes with no way of skipping past it. It's just an utter waste of time doing nothing. I'm almost ready for a commercial to pop up.

The gameplay is all right. I'm not a military guy but a lot of what I have read indicates it's the most realistic shooter out there. That's all well and good but games are meant to be played. Sitting in a Humvee for minutes on end, then running from point to point to point to point......with no action is simply boring and it takes away from the gameplay (IMO), not add to it. I haven't played the multiplayer online yet so I'm holding out hope but I'm not holding my breath. The downtime vs. gametime in this title is what is killing it for me.

Had I played this before buying it, I would have picked up something else. It may be the first game I don't finish just because the downtime is freaking long.