game faqs post all info here

please fill up with all info u think is necessary for an enjoyable gaming experience

recommended starting any character-weapon requirements-1 high damage,1corrosive,1 fire and 1 shock.

dont bother asking if modding is not recommended-ask microsoft if they ban u thats your answer-xbox 360 is an intellectual property of microsoft -however,modded weapons and items are all over the gaming community.theres a limited few that dont and u can find them roaming in the add i hear gearbox is ok with modding in the pc version.

enemies will scale to your level or the host level once u finish the main quest and a secondary dlc.

warning: if u plan on exploiting the armory glitch -DO NOT CROSS THE ELEVATOR ROOM-once u do and the secondary objective on "any"armory mission gets checked and you exit and save-your screwed-u have to do the medkit glitch to get in because the blast door is blocking you or join someone else.

ultra rare drop rate is 1 pearlescent for 8 hours of farming(minimum) max is 4 if your super lucky.have to thank the person who helped me in this experiment -if u need detailed information about it look up the archives -topic tips on getting pearlescent items.disclaimer-individual results will vary not liable if you get better stuff.

please add some more information that i forgot.happy farming.


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one more thing been getting messages how to no clue you asking the wrong hardcore-not even the infinite shield. this post is just for information purposes for new people and for me as well.someone might post something that i dont know