Game Error for Battlefield Bad Company 2

I've recently downloaded Battlefield Bad Company 2 from the Xbox Live Market onto the Xbox 360 Pro and after installing it, I was able to play the campaign. But for some reason, when it comes to multiplayer online, it says Game error.

1. I turned started the Battlefield Bad Company 2 game

2. I go to Multiplayer

3. I pressed on quick match

4. I started the game

5. The game showed the coordinate map and of course the little menu that says "put me in a squad''

6. And while it continues to oad on the loading page the game says " game error: clean with a soft rag and restart the console" as if it were a really scratched up disc. EXCEPT IT ISN'T A DISC!

Its a game I've downloaded from the market. I've tried: 

>  Uninstalling and installing the game again.

> Uninstalling the BFBC2 Update and the Xbox Live Update.

> Clearing the Cache Fifty-million times.

> And took out any games from the disc tray.

Can someone help me on what to do, Xbox Live Support tried to help, but they tried their best.


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