Game ending glitch?

Ok, so I started a new game after I noticed during my first playthrough I wouldn't be able to do any of the four endings. So I started out fresh, made a beast of a character (right now I'm level 45) and have completed all the dlc. My problem is I just now went to the strip and apparently I can't do "the house always wins" missions. I get them but when I try to report back to Mr. House after visiting the bunker underneath the "the fort" at the Legion base to install his chips, his securetrons try to kill me at the lucky 38 where I'm suppose to go for "the house always wins II".

To make things worse I can actually travel to the top of the penthouse and see Mr. House right there on the screen. For whatever reason though I can't communicate with him at all and his securetrons upstairs just shoot at me. If I kill any of them then the mission fails and I'm screwed. Is there any possible way to fix this? I read that you can't travel to vault 11 before you finish the game or this glitch will happen. DERP!

I'm going to go to a save prior to visiting vault 11 with a weakling level 7 and see if it still glitches. Looks like finding all those 125 locations went to waste.


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I believe the problem lies with if you go into the suicide room and watch the video. You are attacked by robots and turrents and I believe some of them are wrongly assigned to House's faction. I "thought" that they fixed that issue with one of the patches.. Are you sure you have all the updates? I guess you would if you were playing the DLC. Anyway always best to just skip that part of Vault 11 with a house Character. You should still be able to follow one of the other endings on your character.

Yep, that's what it was. I tested it twice by making a save inside vault 11 and one right outside the strip. If you kill any of the robots it glitches on you making the house always wins challenges unplayable.