Game either crashes or makes my xbox resets playing living towers

Is anyone else having an issue when it comes to the game continously crashing during the living towers. It's always when I get to the fourth opponent.  the game will either crash or completely freeze my xbox up forcing it to restart.


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I have encountered this exact same issue on multiple occasions. Yesterday (22 April 2015) I played the living tower roughly 3 times and every time it would crash and restart my XB1 when I got to Sonya Blade. I think she was around the seventh opponent in the tower. Additionally, I have also experienced the game crashing and restarting my XB1 just playing single match when I select "chose new character" after single matches against AI. However, I have not experienced it crashing/restarting in other game modes such as: matches online, traditional towers, faction war towers, etc. Does yours freeze and make a quick loud ticking sound before it restarts? That is what mine is doing. Hopefully there will be a patch out soon to fix the issues.

one attempt to fix this may be to uninstall the game and then install the game again...  This may not be  something most want to do, but many people are having luck with this correcting everything, if not the only other thing for you do will be wait for a patch to eventually come out, also you might want to go tot he actual Mortal Kombat forums and report youre issues on there so that Nether Realm can see.

My Xbox One makes the loud ticking sound when I go to the screen to select the towers. What the hell is that about?