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i enjoy playing video games....I don't need the console to constantly record clips of my touchdowns or field goals in Madden settings I changed the preference for a Game DVR to be off had done well, and not recorded anything for a while....but last night the console decided to start recording clips again. 

Granted the clips will disappear after a period of time...if not saved....but it's annoying to have messages coming up regarding the game....I can turn notifications off...bit why should I do that if for the longest time it didn't record clips, and now all of a sudden it is again??? 


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You must be new to technology. Things glitch. It happens. My cable box randomly recorded an episode of a series I canceled months ago. Occasionally my phone will still use my data even when I'm connected to wifi. To say it's less than an issue would be an understatement. So you have to take 20 seconds to turn off recordings again. Maybe you should file a class action lawsuit.

Bravo your response was golden you get a coke!

Me being new to technology is an understatement considering the Xbox one hasn't been out for to terribly long. I  was just making my post to maybe see if other users have had similar issues.

Considering other issues I've had have been resolved, and others users have comment on my post agreeing or disagreeing.

Granted I made this post in general forums, and not in anything remotely made for more of a tech support forum, sarcasm noted, have a nice day...moving along ;)