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I am having issues with the installed disc feature with Mass Effect 3. I have both discs installed, but noticed that my xbox is roaring when disc 2 is in (slim model, halo reach edition got it launch day 9/14/10). I got curious and went to try and delete the install in the storage area of the xbox, and it said this action couldn't be performed! So I went into the game details and deleted the install that way and it seemed to work, but it is still on the hard disk. The installer seems to think uninstalling it does something while the hard disk shows it is still present. When I attempt to re-install it tells me the disk is dirty.

So I attempted to delete disk 1 to see what would happen and it deleted without mishap. So for some reason, my xbox is playing disk 2 off of the disk drive even though it is installed, but I cannot uninstall it or delete it to try to re-install. The damn thing runs so hot it is like burning to the touch, not to mention all the noise. Never had an issue with installing before.


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It could be an issue with your Xbox's storage which can be sorted by clearing the cache in some instances. Clearing the cache removes installed game updates however so you will need to install them again when you play the game next. It doesn't affect anything else so don't panic :)  the over heating may be caused by it trying to load something it isn't able too, like a corrupted file or save, hence the suggestion for clearing cache.

Press your guide button and go to settings, then system storage (or memory), highlight any device (it doesn't matter) and press Y, select clear system Cache, when prompted press YES.

Try the re-install afterwards.

Try that out and let me know how it goes.