Game crashing while loading

I need help, my game keeps crashing every so often that I go through a door that requires loading. The screen just goes black and I have to turn off my xbox and start my game all over again. Does anybody know if there's a fix to this or if there's going to be another patch soon? Also this crap started happening after I got the newest update and Honest Hearts. 


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I guess you did the debt collect mission...that is glitched. (i thought was fixed)

You can load a game where you didn't complete that mission or

some gamers says that wearing  the hat of Caleb allow to  keep playing the game without problems...i can't confirm that.


The best advice is to ignore the mission.

Nope I haven't even gone to Freeside yet. From what I've been told I'm experiencing this because of the newest update. However I'd like to know if there's any fixes since I don't want to wait for a patch. If not I guess the the random crashing will have to continue.