Game Crashing during Level 12 ("Next President") Cut Scene


I'm playing Batman 2 on the Xbox 360 and the game keeps freezing during the cutscene following Level 12, the Next President. I've tried changing the various visual settings (motion blur, subitles, brightness), but nothing has fixed it. Because the game freezes during the cut scene, it doesn't allow me to advance any further within the story. In doing a quick search, I've found that my problem is not unique ( and I would really appreciate if a quick solution could be found.

Is anyone on these forums encountering the same problem?

Cheers, Tostie14


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I've talked to Xbox customer support now and they've determined it's nothing on their side. So I spoke to Warner Bros Customer Service (410-568-3680) and they said they're aware of it and have notified their development team, but have no ETA for this fix.  Since there are no official forums for the game, there's no way to be notified that the fix is implemented except for the game autopatching itself by having the console and game running while connected to the internet.

I haven't gotten to Level 12 just yet, but very close. Thank you for the update.

I've had the exact problem, right when Robin says "I think I'm going to cry."  It freezes up, right at the end of Mission 12. Really making me mad, glad I'm not the only one.

Ok, I just went back and turned motion blur: OFF and subtitles: ON worked perfectly for me next time I tried. Maybe it's those 2 combination? I don't know, but maybe try ^ that again?

^ It's an idea and a troubleshoot tip. Thank you.

Confirmed! Worked for me!!! Thanks!!

I had to turn Motion blur off, subtitles off, and music off for it to work. No matter work, I got it to get past the point, so I'm glad!

Unfortunately turning off motion blur and turning on subtitles didn't work for me.  Maybe it's just random?  Some other variable we haven't considered?  Please post if you find a true fix or if I am just screwed.  Too bad, I really love this new batman game.  sure would like to finish it.


I just tried yet again with motion blur off, subtitles off, and music off and it still froze at the same spot.


it has always been installed on my hard drive so that was never the problem.  I tried with music off, subtitles on, motion blur off, cleared hard drive cache and still froze at  the same place.  When you guys tried it again did you have your xbox turned off between tries?  Maybe a reboot will help?

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