Game Crashes?!?

Has anyone else had this happen to them? 

This occurred a few days ago:  Joined a friend's co-op game and we explored Sunset House.  Fought a few Hollow Men but had to exit since it was still daylight (no spoilers).  But, I had to leave so I entered my Sanctuary and saved ... then exited.

When I tried to play the next day; the game seemed to load as usual, but then froze while the Chicken Gear was still turning!

I cleared my memory cache and still it froze while it was loading! 

(This is why I wish Lionhead didn't disable the ability to copy my game save!)

Any other similar issues/situations? 


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I've had the similar situation happen MULTIPLE times.


 I had assumed the issue was just my xbox since it's the first 360 they came out with.  On mine, the chicken and gears just stop.  My xbox button on my controller does nothing.   Actually, one particular time it froze, even the POWER button on the xbox did NOTHING.  Normally, I can restart my xbox manually and it'll work.  


It seems to pick the most inopportune times to do this too!!  I'll be in the middle of a moderately important quest (it's never done it on a relationship quest of course ha) and it'll auto-save btwn towns and freeze.  

I wonder if this is a glitch?  Now that I know it's not just my xbox.

Try this link:


It is Lionhead's glitch report.  Just tell them what it is and hopefully it will be fixed with the next patch!