Game Content Blocked with latest DLC

My Wife and I got a copy each of Borderlands 2 for XBox 360. I have since gone out and gotten the season pass, whereas, we have not for her. Since the DLC and new compatability pack have came out, she has been blocked out of her FREE content for Pre-Ordering, and has been locked down to System Link Only, on her game Log-In. Everytime she would start her game, she would receive the message that she needed to download the Compatability Pack. She has downloaded and re-downloaded the Pack repeatedly, to no avail.

I now have 2 questions to consider:

1; Isn't it illegal to violate a contractual sales agreement? The agreement here being that free content was offered and rewarded for Preordering the game, and Breached upon by the DLC / Compatability Pack! I can remember in the Prior version of Borderlands, when two people connected for co-op play, if one player had not received the newer content, it was marked "unavailable" to the player that did have the newer content, and co-op play was allowed.

2: If any response to an individual regarding this problem is told that they have to buy the Season pass, because they had not yet, to resolve their issue. Wouldn't that be considered Raqueteering, in a Federal Court of Law? Any response that requires an additional purchase to repair a previously working offer, that has now been interfered with, as the only viable solution, I find offensive and potentially in violation of the law!

I hope things can be resolved without the need of further actions by the public / purchaser to resolve this matter!


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She will have to start the download and keep the download window up. For some reason it stops whenever you back out of the window.

It's more of a xbox problem as this happens with many games that have in-game download menus.

In addition to this post: The only means of contact that has been found is a Support post on the game and company website. No other means of contact can be found. A problem I see with this is the potential for a company official to go and delete any problematic post, and that could allow the company a viable means of denying any said complaint or problem!

Thank you for the feedback! I have sat right there and tried to do the same for her, and the system still says that she needs to download the Compatability Pack!

Check the hard drive, I had the pack go corrupt and had to delete and download again.

Try clearing the system cache. Maybe your previously downloaded patches are corrupt. Go here for instructions on how to clear the system cache:


Issues with your Xbox 360 console can often be resolved by removing temporary files and data from the system cache. The cache stores such items as game updates, system update installation packages, and gamer pictures of your friends.

Clearing the Xbox 360 cache does not remove:

   Your gamertag

   Content that you have downloaded

   Game files

   Console software updates

Clearing the cache temporarily removes:

   Previously downloaded game updates. You will be prompted to download these updates again the next time you try to play the games.

^ That is really good advice. Also, with other games I have had to go into System->storage->hard drive->games and manually delete the compatibility packs/updates in order for them to succeed after they have failed. (I wanted to be specific).

Tried it already, did not work!

Tried the Storage hard drive steps still not working! Recently made a connection with another player that had just gotten the game, from out of country with no dlc's yet. we could not connect at first until after they had ran the compatability pack on their system. connected play went fine.

Thanks To All Who have given Suggestions! To NO Avail, they did not complete any sense of restored connectivity or use of Available product per the companies Point Of Sale Agreement!

I took a moment of Trail and Error, and began a back track the problem! Through some "Trial and ERRORS", I have discovered that it was not the Compatability Pack that was causing the Lock Down of her gaming Experience! It was the DLC, ( "Mr. Torgues - Campaign of Carnage" ) that I had downloaded for my gameplay!

So it would appear that Gearbox / 2K games have an issue with their game files, and have no Quarrels with leaving those said customers inconvenienced! They have offered a game that has more problems than its predecessor, and NO reliable or consistent means of contact, other than an inconsistent web-post, support page. I would Hope that someday this company and others, like them get the chance to understand that customers do appreciate having the chance to talk to someone directly to resolve their product issues. Those companies can obtain a more, first-hand experience to what the problems are, and with in-progress, or real solutions as they arise.

GearBox / 2K Games enjoy your day as a Company, Your Days can be numbered, should you choose to continue Breaching Contracts, and trying to skirt the law to perform Raqueteering as you currently are!

Don't have a fix for you, but I can give 2 workarounds.

1. (simplest way) Transfer your licenses to your wife's console. You will need to re-download the content (using your account to do so) to her console AFTER the license transfer. Transfers can only be done once every four months, so think this through before doing it as you will have to live with it for awhile.

2.You and your wife can swap consoles with each other. Most (if not all) XBLM content comes with two licenses. One for the purchaser(roaming license) and one for the first console the content is downloaded to. You, the initial purchaser, can access the content from any system provided you are signed in to XBL. Likewise, any person can access the content on your console provided it was downloaded there first, and the initial console license is still in place (hasn't been transferred).  To use your content on another console, simply sign in (on other console), go to account management, download history, then re-download desired content to the other console. Hope this helps and is not too confusing.


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