Game constantly drops players.

I am having real issues with the game losing controller and dropping players from the game, it does it every few minutes, I or my son will press to return and will get an xbox screen overlay asking which user is playing. Have not had this problem in other games, so am assuming it's lego specific. Very annoying - makes the game unplayably frustrating.


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i was having the same problem but it stopped. can your kinect see you?

We ran into the same trouble several days ago.  Didn't play any other games, so cant' say whether it's specific to lego or not.  But it would constantly pop up the login screens.  Finally gave up, exited to the main screen and turned the TV off.  Next day it didn't seem to have the same trouble.  

Since then I've turned off the Kinect Login feature.

this was the only game to do it to me. i put the kinect up higher where it could see the room better and the problem stopped.

Or you know another thing you guys might try is to unplug your kinect and not use it while playing that game and then plug it back in when you are playing a different game. just an idea.

that would probably work also.

I'm having three problems. First. I get into game guy is under the world. Second I play the iron man bike and car. It kicks me out of game.  Third.  Sometimes doesn't save

is yours digital or disc healsyourmom?

The first day I got this game I was running into a ton of profile-related issues.  My two kids would be playing, and they swap controllers occasionally, and sometimes give a controller to me. Every time they would do that Xbox would prompt to choose a profile.  Really annoying.

Turning off Kinect sign in fixed this completely.  I'm going to want to enable Kinect sign in when Kinect Sports Rivals comes out, so I hope this issue is fixed by then.

Turning off logins won't affect being able to play games that use the Kinect.  It'll just keep the Xbox from getting confused about who's there doing logins.  You can still login and still play a game that makes use of the Kinect.

My copy is a disk