Game connection problems

I am currently trying to connect to a Team Deathmatch game, and no luck so far. It searches through all the <50/<100/<150 things but no "good games" are available, even though there are 70,000 people playing TD at the moment.

Just checked my internet connection - absolutely fine

I haven't spent £40 to sit and watch my MW3 attempt to connect to a game!

Does anybody have any suggestions as to what I can do to connect successfully? 


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What's your NAT type say. "Open" is what you want to see. MW3 is the only CoD game to ever kick my NAT type to "Strict" out of the blue.

AFAIK we just have to sit and wait until one of two things happens:

a) Eveyone gets fed up with there being not enough servers and stops playing...leaving you (and me) to play on our own

b) More server space is bought and hoteled

I gave up last night...1.15pm to 12.30 am and couldn't get a single lag free game. Got my Xbox connection reset twice. Frankly this is really crap. I love these games and have played since COD2 but it's wearing a bit thin.

Where can I see what my NAT type is? Never heard of it, but I have seen other forums that say if its anything over moderate it'll stop your connection between the internet and xbox live, and my connenction is fine!

I can see where you're coming from, I've loved playing since COD3 and never had these problems with MW/WOW/MW2/BO until now...

It'll be on one of the menu screens. I think after you select "Multiplayer", the next screen will show it on the left side, just below around the middle of the screen. It'll say NAT type: "Open, Moderate or Strict". You want to see "Open", "Strict" is a bad thing.

For the first time in 5 years I am starting to experience this same issue. NAT is open, I think its there servers dropping those with low ISP speeds or high pings, it sucks but we deal with it.

My NAT type is open also... so frustrating, and there is nobody to contact!!

This happens to me more than I like. NAT set to open and all ports correct.

Here is a work around.

Hit the Xbox button on your controller, go to friends, scroll right until you get the location of the last players you played with. Scroll down and see if there is a player that has the option to join in progress. (hopefully the game you would like to play)

I don't believe this is an end user issue. It's in the coding or just too many people playing.

Hope this makes since and hope it works for you. It does for me.

The servers are not very good but your NAT type is most likely issue  

I have the same problem, and my NAT type is open, all of my other COD games connect but not modern warfare 3, apparently its been confirmed that you cant find matches world wide it is only restricted in the country you are living in (ip based), So i have read on another thread in here, which really sucks because i live on a small Island and will never find a game.  If i had know that they were going to do this I would have kept my money in my pocket, now i just feel betrayed and robbed due to the fact that the only reason I bought this game was for the multiplayer game play. The North America users dont seem to have this issue, but from what i can see a lot of international players seem to have this problem.

I was playing Spec Ops with a buddy the other day and the game was really laggy, and kept crashing out.

Could this be part of the same problem?

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