Game Chat Broken (Party Chat Issues, Too)

I can't get game chat to work.  I've been playing Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, and chat issues seem to be affecting everyone to various degrees. For me, it's every time I play. It doesn't matter what I do. I've found no settings or routine that helps. It doesn't matter if I try to use the Kinect or the headset. My network is fine. The headset works. The Kinect responds to voice commands, so that mic works, too. 

I turn on the Xbox One and I start the game. I enter a multiplayer lobby and I can hear a few of the people talking, though the symbols on the screen indicate that many more players are talking, and I simply can't hear any of them. None of them can hear me. The symbols also flash on the screen to show that I'm speaking, though no one hears me. I've been able to play with friends by using party chat. But game chat is broken and has been broken since day one. 

Pary chat works alright most of the time, though sometimes it suddenly fails and the party has to be restarted, but at least we can hear and speak to each other pretty reliably. Still, on occasion I get alerts about my "party" finding a game session, when I'm not in a party and have not been in any party that day. Regardless, I still hear a few people in game chat. The other party chat issue comes when strangers (via their Kinects) are being broadcast, at random, into the party... Still don't know what's causing that either. 

The game chat problem is NOT an issue in the 360 version, only the Xbox One -- I'm playing both versions. I don't know yet if the game chat problem affects other multiplayer games, or just Plants Vs. Zombies Garden Warfare, regardless, someone needs to finally figure out what's causing this. I spent over 4 hours talking to MS Xbox support and EA tech support, trying to find a solution. Most of that time was spent with EA tech support, but neither Microsoft Xbox support nor EA tech support could fix it. They couldn't figure out what's causing it either.

MS Xbox support ultimately pinned the blame on the game. And, after also failing to solve it, in the end, EA said it was the fault of either Xbox Live or the Xbox One.  

I want an answer and I want it fixed. I'm really tired of dealing with it at this point. ...And if it's the Xbox One, I want my console replaced. 


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