game: Battlefield 4: map Dawnbreaker: issue: console freeze.

As of 1/31/2014 the map Dawnbreaker is still crashing my xbox 360 post update 6. It freezes the system to a point were you can not even shut it off manually. The only way to get the frozen screen and console to shut off is to unplug the power supply.I have tried for several months now to try and find some sort of ansewer to this ...problem and recieve nothing in regards to this Issue.I know that Dice/EA are working very hard to fix the bugs and glitches, but last week I had a lobby loose 15 of 24 players due to this.And when some ones game is crashing thousands of consoles on just one map I think that this needs to be addressed ASAP.
On Dawnbreaker it does not matter what you are doing, standing still, or flying a chopper, it happens completely at random through out the match.Some people stay in, most have to restart the console.Since the release of this game I have not been able to succesfully complete one match of Dawnbreaker.My main concern is the damage this maybe causing to my console.I do however skip the map via server browser,I find the map that follows Dawnbreaker and launch from there.Now Dice/EA this is a great game, I have always stayed true to the Battlefield franchise, and brought plenty of my friends in as well.But how can I help promote your game with issues like this.Please resolve ASAP. 

PS. After posting this to Dice I attempted to play again and same thing occured on the map Floodzone. Screen blacked out after choosing class and system froze entirely.This is a first on a different map then dawnbreaker.I am not the only one who has been haveing this issue.I then called Xbox for some kind of Info and a tech named Bobby was very helpfull in giveing me the number to EA, and reminding me to post here.So thank you Xbox for your support.


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