game and dlc worth the buy?

I'm having loads of fun with DA:O and still have another playthrough going, but I was wondering if the second game and the dlc was worth it?


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I like to think that it but you'll hear from a lot of people that didn't like it. I found the game to be streamlined from the first one, sort of like how Mass Effect 2 was different than Mass Effect.

Agreed. That was the comparison that I drew too. Its not a popular opinion but I enjoyed 2 more than Origins. It played considerably smoother but a lot of people thought it shifted away from the RPG genre and more towards action.

I put off playing DA2 at first, waiting until I was really ready.  So far I think it's great.  The combat may look more action oriented, but the truth is it's very much the same as the first.  You can even turn on the "auto attack" if you don't like button mashing.

So far the story seems a bit more linear, but you still get to choose which missions you follow in a certain order.  In much the same way that ME2 give you a Galaxy Map to choose which mission to do, DA2 has a location map that also marks quests.  Honestly, if you like Origins, there's no reason you shouldn't enjoy this one.  It may be different in some places, but the core game is still excellent.

Ive played it a little, i got sucked in to AC Brotherhood and black ops lately. But i like it. Not as good as origins, but its still good

So far I love Dragon Age II, but then again I never did play the first one :/