GAH! Soooo close to a Perfection!


I was 30 - 0 in the Banshee and out of nowhere some jackass decides to ruin my perfection by blowing me up with rockets :( ... I knew I should have just stopped and parked it somewhere and let my team finish things up as we were leading  with  89 to like 13 or 14. Ugh, just bummed right now, I don't ever really try to get perfection, but when you're this close and doing so well it sucks lol.


Oh well though, at least I went 31 - 2.


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You guys in the banshees annoy me :p ...actually, I'll rephrase it.  You guys in the banshees get all the kills, as you should; what annoys me are team-mates who don't bother shooting the banshee, or just hide with the sniper when 4 shots would take it out!

lol, yea, I know, I hate that. I'm usually not a huge Banshee guy, but I always try to make sure somebody on my team gets it because I know how annoying it can be when the other team has it.

I got one perfection before...

Drives me nuts when the game finishes and I have 15+ kills and no deaths and I get happy.. " YAY PERFECTION !"    and then realize I'm not in a slayer game type... dam'

Yea, I know right. That happened to me just like last week in an Assault game (I think it was Assault, either that or one flag). At first I was like "What!? Where's my medal!?".

I got my perfection by pure luck.

I even played with bungie also, and didnt find out til like a day later.


Medals my friend, they are a pain

Grahhh indeed, frustrating!


Medals are a pain Revive, always get them when ya not even trying, and when ya do try, you end up playing like someone that complains that everyone cheats =) =P

Never had a perfection on Reach, i've only had a couple on Halo 3.  I always end up dieing.  At least you got an invincible medal, can't complain bout that.

^True, that's quite an impressive medal too. :)

I was curious as to what the invincible medal was so I went & checked mine..

I see I have 3 invincibles and 3 inconceivables

1 Perfection

1 Unfrigginbelievable

4 killionaires

4 Skullamanjaros

and 14 Exterminations

Another commenter here claims himself as the King of Firefight.. sooooooo I will put this out there that I am the King of Griffball since most of those medals came from there. No one is better with a hammer than I am.

I wouldn't think much of a Banshee Perfection in Reach, myself, but losing one does suck.


I would rather lose one than hide for one however.

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