G4H-GuNz 4 HiRe is now recruiting

First off all who read this and consider joining us i appreciate you takeing your time out too look into us....

At G4H we are all mature and skillfull players. We mostly play Hardcore but have quite a few core players. We are a new clan so numbers arent high. The requirements to join us are the following...

1. You must be 16 or older.

2. You must have a positive KDR(mostly looking for 1.50 or higher but if your just positive we will welcome you with open arms)

3. You must be mature and RESPECTFUL. We might be a skill based clan but we have a respect based outlook.

4. Trash talking is only allowed towards non clan members or non affiliates..If they start trash talking first

5. And lost but not least just have fun and follow our Code of Conduct.

Are Code of Conduct is.....

Here at G4H we strive to be the best clan in the gaming community. We are extremely dedicated. We started this clan for gamers to have fun however, we must all play by the following code of conduct.

1. Disrespecting another clan member is not tolerable. Any form of disrespect whether it be Racism, Prejudice, Name Calling, Sexism, or anything that will highly offend another member of the clan will result in a possible demotion, probation, or removal from the clan. We believe in Second Chances but 3 strikes and your out.

2. ALL members must have a KDR above a 1.00 (this does not apply to the few Original Members that joined the clan on August 30,2011)

3. ALL Members must be 17yrs or older with the only exception of a 16 yr old that will be put on a 2 week probationary period.

4. And Last but not least Have Fun.

If by any reason you break any of these 4 rules a hearing will be held and your fate will be decided by the higher ranked members.


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To apply please go to G4Hclan.enjin.com