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Welcome to the Fifa Virtual Pro Association and the start of your Virtual Pro Career

Dedicated Clubs Community for Xbox 360 and PS3

We are proud to be working alongside EA and recommend you check out the new Official EA Fifa 11 Forum Click Here

The FVPA has been setup to further enhance your Fifa experience! Whether you are a dedicated Clubs team or a Community Website submitting a team to play in the Tournaments and Leagues that we offer, you're in the right place!

Sign up to the forum, Managers registering their Club set up a team thread with a bio of your Team, when you play how many players are signed up and what your looking for to better your team.

Players looking for a team respond to adverts from Managers or post your availability in the Recruitment Areas for Xbox or PS3

Some of the FVPA Forum 's Features

Profile Information

Show your current Club, Positions you play, PSN ID and/or GT and Your transfer status

Console Layout 

PS3 and Xbox Separated into Recruitment, Clubs, General Chat and Clubs TV

Video Highlights

Embed your EA Football World highlights and/or Youtube captured footage

FVPA Forum Goes Mobile!

The FVPA forum is optimised for Tapatalk Phone Apps, for more information: Click Here

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Also checkout  http://www.ifvpa.com/joomla/  International Clubs

"Where Club meets Country" - Play 11v11 for your Country!

The iFVPA initiative is creating an international database of Fifa Clubs Communities (Virtual Pro Associations) who would like to be listed here: www.ifvpa.com and join us as we run International competitions where the best players from your Clubs compete together for your nation against the best players from England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, USA, Italy and France (And more as they are added).

We want to ensure we can cover both PS3 and Xbox. The Long term aim is for the iFVPA to host a Virtual World Cup. In the short term we are arranging Friendlies with other nations and working on a world ranking system. Being listed in the iFVPA database with your Country Flag will direct Fifa Players who want to play Fifa Clubs in their own Country and have the chance to also represent your National Side directly to your Website.

To add your national team please see the Requirements for Affiliation


As pinned on the EA official forums:


If you are looking to play Pro Club Championship on either the PS3 or the Xbox 360 then 
the FVPA would like to welcome you to join them over at www.fvpa.co.uk 


In association with: 


What is the FVPA? 

FVPA stands for FIFA Virtual Pro Association and the FVPA has one of 
the fastest growing communities for the Pro Club Championship mode for the FIFA series 
with over 3000 members and rising.

Why should I join the FVPA? 

The FVPA hosts tournaments and leagues for the Pro Club Championship players. The winners of 
these tournaments are given personal account bound medals to show the success they have had 
with the FVPA and also offer prizes to winners of our FVPA league, most recently 8 copies of FIFA 12. 

The FVPA only condones fair play and cheaters in FVPA sanctioned matches are punished according 
to thier guidelines/ rule set. 

Whilst this is the main reason to join the FVPA they also offer a great set of forums that always have 
staff available to help with any questions. The forums also offer special areas in which to recruit 
players, advertise yourself as a free agent who is looking for a club, create their own club thread
and for those who are selected join one of the home nations of the Internationals iFVPA teams. 

If you're interested in playing for your country then the FVPA is a great place to get yourself noticed. 

Another feature that the FVPA offer is a graphics area in which graphics artists can share their work, 
users can request graphics from them such as signatures, club badges, avatars, kits etc 

Here are some examples of the clubs based graphics that the FVPA users and graphics team have 
supplied users with: 



With all this on offer the best reason to join is that it is 100% FREE, a site made for gamers, by gamers. 

Who are the staff? 

The administrations team of the FVPA comprise of KelleyMark and Spike

Kelley is one of the two co-founders of the FVPA and also a member of the EA Gamechanger program. 

Kelley started playing Fifa 95 on the PC and has been playing FIFA ever since. He is a massive football 
fan and about to start his 6th Season as a Football Manager at U14's level showing his dedication to 
football in all forms. With a lot of hard work, Kelley's job as a full time hands on IT manager has helped 
shape the FVPA's website and his dedication to the FIFA community has helped get recognition from EA. 

Mark is the other co-founder of the FVPA and also a part of the EA Gamechanger program. 

Mark started playing football games in the late 70's and has not missed a FIFA game in the series yet. 
Mark First got involved with the FIFA communities during FIFA 07 in a 1 vs 1 league until he moved onto
Beaproleagues where he met Kelley who was running the site. Mark then joined up with Kelley and 
Bluenilsatis to form BeAProCommunities. 

Once VP's were announced to be in clubs Mark and Kelley quickly formed the FVPA with the 
sole intention of providing online tournaments and has been working with Kelley ever since. 

Spike also known as BigZombieMonkey is a part of the EA Gamechanger program and often attends 
events held for FIFA playtesting and feedback. He has been playing football based video games for 24 
years now and helps largely with graphics and web design. 


We also have a large team of moderators who are overseen by our global moderator Bluenilsatis 
who work around the clock to maintain the smooth running of the forums..