Future DLC?

Are they planning on providing future expansion DLCs for DA2, like they did with DA:O? If so, is there a timeline? And I don't mean just the weapons and armor DLC.


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at the moment the only quests dlc released is "the exiled prince" which came out shortly after release, but i've not played it

for months so i dont know entirely, but there are strong rumours suggesting that there will be DLC

Technically, they just released an arms and armor DLC about the same time as the bugfix.

Beating the game creates an auto save file, indicating that there will likely be quest DLCs. What they are and when they will be released remains to be seen.

If you load up your post-completion autosave, you are placed back in Hawke's estate and get a message thanking you for playing the game and that you can use your writing desk to accept any future DLC missions, so yes it seems more is on the way. There's been no announcements about what they are and when they'll be out that I've seen though.

It's Bioware. Of course there's DLC coming.

It's time to play the waiting game. It's free too!

I have played enough of the waiting game for ME3 to last me a while, that  being said.  I have heard they are working on story based DLC, but no info on what it is or when it will be released.  

I want more.   More I say!

Hopefully they actually design new rooms and environments for the new DLC

On the Bioware Social Network the devs (both the lead writer and lead cinematics) have stated they're revising the story DLC to factor in the complaints like "the repetive locations, magically appearing waves, etc" so that the future story DLC will not have the same problems people had with DA2. Thus why they're not rolling out the story DLC as quickly as they did with DA Origins.

Hopefully, we may hear something on the dlc front, at the upcoming E3? Hope so!