Future DLC?

Now that the three main DLC packages have come out has anyone read or heard about any future DLC characters? While pretty much all of the major characters are available there's still a number of Superstars  (Prime Time Players, Alex Riley, The Shield etc.) and Divas (Aksana, Rosa, Tamina, etc.) that are still out there. I know you can get the free created characters but I'd prefer to get the official ones as they tend to look better and have their individual moves and the entrance music and videos as well. At only 80 points each I would think there would be a lot of people that would buy these characters in order to get their rosters as complete as possible.


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They dont that type of thing for DLC.  They always announce the DLC packs then they get released, and after that its done, there wont be any more DLC for WWE 13 other then the stuff you get from Community Creations.  The DLC is created with the game months ahead of time, its always been that way, plus with THQ folding this would of been highly unlikely even if they did do this type of thing.

I  see. Oh well, will make do with created characters, thanks!

No problem bud, dont get me wrong though I love your idea, it would be amazing for them to do that, maybe Take 2 when they announce what they are gonna do with the WWE license will do something like this if possible.  To be honest though Celtic1962 on community creations you have some people who can make amazing CAW's who you will think look better then some of the in game wrestlers, itll blow you away, you just have to tweak your searches on it.