Fusion Gaming Now Recruiting

    Fusion Gaming
    --Fusion Gaming Intro--

    Fusion Gaming Has Been A PC Gaming Clan For The Last 4 Years And Is Currently Expanding To Console Gaming.

    Fusion Gaming Is Currently Recruiting PC Gamers In These Games

    • MW3
    • BF3
    • APB


    Fusion Gaming Is Currently Recruiting XBOX360 Gamers In These Games

    • MW3
    • BF3

    Fusion Gaming Currently Uses Ventrilo For PC and Clan Meetings Every Sunday.

    To Join Fusion Gaming Go Here To Apply
    Fusion Applications OPEN

    If Your New To Vent Go Here
    First Time Using Ventrilo READ HERE!

    Up To Date Clan Roster As of Dec 2011
    Fusion Roster

    [quote]After an app. is posted, it will be reviewed and commented on by the various members of the clan. While the leaders of the clan will have the final say in whether you are accepted into recruiting, you will have to be able to get along with the whole clan.

    After your app. you will be considered a recruit You will be under the observation of the clan leaders. The time period before you are either accepted as a full member, or let go from the clan will vary. It all depends on how impressive of a person and gamer you are...

    While there is an age limit of 17 yrs. Exceptions can and will be made by the leaders... ONLY if the person show they are mature enough to represent this clan!

    It is at the descretion of the leaders to revoke the membership of ANYONE in the clan. Issues with clan members should be taken to the leaders at all times. Do not retaliate, or try to talk @#$% to any member of the clan. If there is a problem WE will deal with it.

    I wish all apps. the best of luck. Join us in-game and vent as much as possible. We will not vote someone into the clan, whom we have never played with (NO ****) [/quote]

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