Furious with Xbox One Store and Turn 10 (Forza Motorsport 5)

So... I've got quite a beef with Xbox and Turn 10.  Fair warning, this is one of those stories about a guy who experiences something not so important or infuriating, but by the time he gets crap responses and no customer service from anyone... he's like a rapid pit bull after a T-bone.  I will have justice!   But seriously... Here's the deal.

I just recently got an Xbox One - awesome - and Forza Motorsport 5 - not so awesome, but that's for another day.  As I'm perusing some of the Xbox Store for some of the add-ons you can purchase I see "Forza Motorsport 5 VIP Membership".  In fact here is a pic of it exactly.


While I AM familiar with the system on Forza that is you pay for cars to be available  then you pay in game credits/tokens to actually get them... I noticed some very direct language on this Xbox Store listing...  That is, "VIP members receive 5 exclusive cars:..."  

And if you go to any other car add-ons to be purchased on the Xbox Store, it clearly states that you DO have to use further game credits/tokens to obtain the selected car.

So, seeing that you apparently - per the description - RECEIVE 5 cars and the other benefits of the membership.  I bought it.  Then I went to the game, but no cars... ?  Aware of the ForzaMotorsport.net forums and rewards page, I consulted the forums.  I was quickly told, yes, regardless of what the description says, I need to also spend game credits/tokens for those 5 "exclusive" cars.

But I'm not one to just let that rest.  The Xbox Store is incorrect and I purchased what I purchased based on their description, exactly as stated.  I don't care what they meant, I counted on it being what they said. So...

I start a thread on Forzamotorsport.net with my disgust.  It's deleted and then hackedup and merged with a completely unrelated topic by the forum moderator.  I ask why.  He says, he just does the bidding of Turn 10 and that I should send an email to *** Email address is removed for privacy ***.  So I did.  To which I received this;

"Thank you for contacting Turn 10 Studios. Due to the volume of mail we receive, we cannot individually respond to all e-mails sent to us. If you have a question about a Xbox LIVE or Forza Motorsport Terms of Service, please see the following links:




Ok, so now I have an email from Turn 10 (Forza developer), that says they do not response to individual emails.  Not sure what that means... do they respond to bulk emails?  And 2 links to areas that are of no consequence to my issue and 1 link that doesn't even work (the 3rd link yields an error).  Great.  Thanks.  That's no help.

Now I've gotten deleted by their forum moderator and told they do not respond to customers.  So I go to Xbox Support via chat.  This is where it got really frustrating.  I went through this WHOLE ordeal with him... and he says,"I understand completely.  You should contact Turn 10 for support on this matter."  Yes, you obviously understood me completely... otherwise, why would you just have suggested something that I've described already going in great detail.  Then we go around and around for the next 30 minutes with me futily trying to explain what I've already tried and him suggested I try all that AGAIN.  As if trying it again will just magically yield different results.  

I insist that both Xbox and Turn 10 need to recognize this issue.  I get what we as Forza customers have come to understand in most cases with downloadable content.  But this is a clear cut case of them describing something in a misleading and incorrect fashion.  If the 5 cars in this membership were not available until the use of game credits/tokens were applied, it should say so like every other add-on does.  Go to any other car add-on in the Xbox store and you'll see that language exactly.  Go to the VIP Membership and you will not.  I don't care what either of them say, Xbox Store is responsible for making sure they hold their vendors, for which they are allowing of the marketplace, to a truthful standard.  And Turn 10 needs to be responsible for providing accurate descriptions of the products they sell.

Again, I get that this is a tiny deal about 5 digital cars... it's the principle of the fact that both Xbox and Turn 10 are currently being allowed to shirk responsibility of providing a truthful marketplace for gamers.


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