Funny Marriage glitch LOL

Ok my Dragonborn is a female Necromancer/Destruction. I ended up marrying Camilla Valerius in Riverwood. This is the same girl that the bard and elf where fighting over if you ever did that little quest.

So now my Dragonborn is married to the same *** which is funny and cool. If *** becomes "*" then you should know what it is.


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...... I feel there are some crucial words missing from this.

I like filling in the blanks and making up my own version of Zeroo Wolf's story...


Just add words like 'dog' or 'pie'.

ummm... nevermind.

Crime statistics vary from region to region in Skyrim, implying that each has its own local enforcement codes. I wonder if this marriage will be honored throughout Skyrim?  

lol OldPepsiMan