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Hi, im not wasting your time I PROMISE lol. i make funny, unique edited Black Ops 2 Youtube videos. Not 15 second short clips 3-5 min episodes. check out the channel, if its not for you thanks for your time. Subscribe if you enjoy, feel free to add me, or give me feedback positive or negative. Quizpy

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If you waste my time I will punch you in the brain.  Twice once for both of us.

You wasted my time

  Not really funny, but makes me wonder.


  Will an ai controlled agr attack another agr?


   I know in a custom match, bots seem to be drawn by equipement moreso than players. They steal care packages, seek out and destroy shock charges ...... and you can really drive one nuts by planting a shield. They will just stand there and shoot at it until they are out of ammo.


   Might be interesting to watch a couple ai controlled agrs going at it.    


  Also make me think as I'm typig this, what if you plant a shield near an agr? Will it attack it like the bots do?

It's not funny; it's stupid. Nice intro & ending though (kudos to the editing)...

You think this is a joke!? (ノ °益°)ノ 彡 ┻━┻