Funniest thing to do in Skyrim

You need 3 things. First you need the first Thu'um you get to level 3. Secondly you need at least 1 companion. Finally a very tall mountain with a steep drop off aka a cliff.

Get where I'm going? You should save here though!

Get your companion(s) between you and the cliff edge and blast them off using the Thu'um. Rinse and repeat! I was laughing so hard and did this for over half an hour last night! :P


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I like to use the Whirlwind Shout, run towards a cliff, dash off, and watch the ragdoll just fly off the random rocks I hit.

Haha that's an awesome one, I could only imagine, combining yours and mine. Put a companion between cliff and you, WW shout and push them off as you fly off too! Hopefully ;)