Fun with Max Unrelenting Force

What the funniest thing youve done with it? I shouted a group of goats off the top of a mountain, and i almost crashed my game using it inside a general goods store. LOL moments for sure.


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Go into a Jarl's grand hall and shout the stuff off the tables. lol

lmao, i gotta try that in a pub. Lolz will be ensured.

@recaldy....I did that and got ran outta town! I dont think it helped I flipped the Jarl off his throne...

I shouted one of those blind creatures in the dwarven ruins. He went flying down the hallway and landed on a fire rune (I didn't know it was there) and it launched him up into the ceiling. It was a funny but awkward sight.

inb4 the "this is SKYRIM!!!! FUS RO DA!!" video.


@kOruptiD do you have a link I tried youtube but couldn't find anything.

i said "inb4" because it hasnt been done yet, but most likely will be. lol.

someone in a skyrim stream said the three words of unrelenting force should of been "THIS IS SPARTA!" lol. i would love to have it on the pc and just mod the sound effect in. maybe replace the actual shout with a kick animation.