Fun things to do in Minecraft



3-5 players, hard setting, no shelter, everyone gets one sword and some torches. - Had a lot of fun doing this.  We would just find a good "campsite" during the day, place torches around the perimeter and then try to stick together and survive the night.  


We also duplicated tnt and destroyed a massive castle.  I'm sure everyone's already done this tho...really fun.


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Blowing things up with tnt is always fun.


Did a "Survival" thing

Four teams of 2 or two teams of 3, start of with nothing. Find materials and hunt for the other team. -Die you leave the game.

(Duplicating ruins this though, just gotta hope that the other team doesn't)

Manhunt basically?

Oops I didn't know there was a thread with the same title.  lol sorry.