Fun random things?

Anyone know of fun little towns/places to visit?  I'm kind of thinking like a "Republic of Dave" type of thing in Fallout 3.  I think that's something Fallout 3 had over NV.  The map just seemed HUGE and full of little fun things like "The Roach King" and stuff like that.  Maybe I'm just missing a lot of it because I hate exploring in NV due to those stupid Cazador things.  Is there a lot of little fun things like this and I'm just missing them or was Fallout 3 better?  And I have all the DLCs for NV.  Never bought any for Fallout 3.  Just seems to me that NV is just full of either irradiated areas or towns.  I'm interested to hear what you guys think!  Feel free to comment here or just send me a message! :D


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Only some loot in the Lake Mead Cave.

How about Camp searchlight, those ghouls gave me a chuckle !

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Only some loot in the Lake Mead Cave.


Yeah! but it sure was funny swimming around for 20 minutes trying to find something. I wonder if there is anything down there now. I did notice that after the update more loot is showing up.

There's plenty of places to use the rebreather,  you just have to find them, ruby mine, vault 34, Honest Hearts, Lake Meade, and if thats not enough just swim in the river.

It's not particularly special but the quest for Tehaticup(?) mine near Nelson can be easily missed, you could check that out.

theres the indian jones easter egg but its not very funny its just outside of goodsprings in the fridge u find going to primm

The rebreather was an awesome addition, one that players asked for a lot with FO3.  I only wish they gave us more reason to use it.

Cazadors are annoying, but not terribly common.  Most of the areas you might care to explore don't have them.  I don't recall coming across any of them outside of the mountainous terrain along the western edge of the map.  But there is very little incentive to really explore NV the way there was in FO3.  As you said, in FO3 there were lots of fun little places to discover and some interesting settlements to find, but there is really very little of that in NV.  What there is to find in NV seems to be mostly generic locations with generic loot.  I think the maps are actually similar in size, but there was so much more interesting stuff to find in FO3 that it made the map seem bigger.

Haven't really found any like the ones in FO3. An occasional waste junkie but no fun stuff. Oh! Maybe the cave under the water in lake meade. You need the rebreather to investigate.