Fun Little Easter Egg (Minor Spoilers)

After you finish the game, you can return to the museum, and in the large area with the water, if you go to the right area, you can hear three of Two-Faces thugs having a coversation that goes down sort of like this:

"Inmate 1: So what now?

Inmate 2: I say we hang here until someone tells us whats happening with Arkham City and then we decide.

Inmate 3: You think? What the hell can they do next? Arkham County? Arkham Country? Big-@@@ Arkham World?

Inmate 2: Like that will ever happen.

Inmate 1: I dunno man. These people are crazy, aren't they?

Inmate 2: Yes they are."

I lol'd when I first heard it, but it does make you wonder, where will Rocksteady go next?


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Yeah I thought this was a good little nugget too. There's a few like this if you just fly around and listen for a while.

Rumor has it they are going to attempt a game with Supes...but a 3rd Arkham wouldnt be too far fetched seeing how this one was so epic...but they eay they ended it seems like it was thier last go at it

Not sure if these qualify as "Easter Eggs", but after I completed my New Game Plus run the other night, I let the credits roll (which I hadn't on my first playthrough).  If you let 'em roll, about 3-4 minutes in, you'll hear Joker's (Mark Hamill) rendition of the old "Only You (And You Alone)" romantic ballad and then, just before they (The Credits) run out, Harley Quinn warbles to the "Hush Little Baby" lullabye.  I didn't quite catch the words (for it caught me by surprise), but she (Tara Strong) vows "Mama's gonna kill the whole wide world".  Both tunes gave me goosebumps for Joker sounds as though he's crooning from the dead, and Harley, well, she sounds about as lost as she's ever sounded, very eerie epitaph indeed and possible harbinger of things to come...:-)

I heard the Joker sing that when i beat it the 1st time...Harley's song rolled  with New Game Plus because i didnt hear it the 1st time.

I like the 3 thugs playing Rock, Paper, Sissors, Gun, Dynamite

In the side missions, Batman mentions that he will go after Hush tomorrow when he finishes what he is doing in Arkham City.

Harley being pregnant coud lead to a Batman Beyond game in the future..

Could possibly make a game that just takes place in the entire Gotham City itself... To keep the Arkham name going they could name it something like Arkham Unleashed or whatever since the Arkham City would likely end up abandoned and it would be impossible to round up all the thugs from in there..

What is it Batgirl says to her in 'The Return of The Joker"?  Something like, "Yeah, Harley, you're mother of the freakin' year all right"...:-)