Fun game, but glitchtastic!

OK, I'm a HUGE Lionhead fan. Own Fable, Fable the Lost Chapters, Fable II, Fable, III, Fable Journey. Have spent hundreds of hours in these games. They are usually rather well polished. Fable III? Eek. Somebody let it out of the building early. From the first 5 minutes I noticed very bad screen tearing. Whatever, I can look past it. The dialogue is great, I'm having fun. Wait...why am I suddenly at about 10 frames a second? Whoa. Uh...OK...I'll try to keep going. Ahh, chicken races! What could be funnier? Wait...there's a glitch which prevents the race from happening, and I have to restart the game after 3 consecutive attempts to do the mission? Now hang on, where did my breadcrumb trail go? It just disappeared. Alright, let me hit start and save, and get out of here. No, not Sanctuary, I want to save. Start. Back to the map? Oh for the love of God. Forget it. I'll reply the last 15 minutes the next time.

When the game runs, it's a lot of fun, and absolutely hilarious. Sadly, it runs well about 50% of the time. I would hope that in the 2 years it's been out, it would have received enough patches to make it easily playable. I guess I'm wrong. Disappointing. Maybe I'll try clearing my cache and giving it a shot again tonight. It's already installed to the HDD, so beyond that, I'll just have to accept that Lionhead did shoddy work. :(


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It's supposed to take you to the sanctuary unless your in a mission/location that requires completion first.

Disc, installed to the HDD. Hmm, the framerate problems and chicken race were both issues I saw pretty widely reported on other sites, including Lionhead's page.

Thanks for the tip on saving in Sanctuary.

Occassionaly instead of going to Sanctuary after hitting start, it brings up the option to save or load, along with a couple of game adjustments. What makes that come up sometimes, but other times take me right to the Sanctuary. Forgot my other gripe, of really long load times when entering buildings/new maps. Maybe the cache clear will imrprove that too.

Disc or download?

Usually Fable III runs pretty good.

Notes on some things: You save from the sanctuary, so that's not a glitch. It's on a wall panel in the sanctuary.

The 'breadcrumbs' do get iffy once in awhile.

Otherwise, the issues you report aren't common, so my suggestion would be to delete and reinstall it and clear your cache.

Hunh, OK. Good to know. The other day it was doing it while I stood outside the orphanage, then when I was glitch-stuck in the chicken race.