Fun at first

The game is fun but after playing for a little while I started feeling like I was playing a little kids game. At  first I thought the bots were okay but after playing for awhile it's just dumb, they add nothing at all to the game, all they  do is get in the way. 

im not sorry I bought it but it won't keep me from playing ghost  or BF4.

Does anyone els feel like they are playing a little kids game?


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Haven't played much man, but from what i've seen it could do with some improvements, but overall i think it will hold my attention until ESO comes out

Exactly what I said OP weeks ago.

I might have bought it, but no campaign, or private matches. Maybe a campaign later, but you will have to pay for it. No thanks.

I don't know what you mean by "a kids game" but I find the game a lot of funn. I don't feel like I will get bored of it anytime soon. It has enough guns to play with and equipment to mess with, and oh yea giant mech battles. Even when I'm not playing it I think of how every moment is so epic and makes me want to play more.

i feel like this should be a arcade game for 16 bucks this is not a next gen game theirs no destruction  wtf ? cant blow up cars or buildings or even knock down trees

Coming from someone who's been playing online multiplayer FPS games since Halo 2, I fond this game to be quite refreshing.  After feeling burned out on COD, I don't feel the least bit let down by this game.  

However, I will say that the AI in this game is atrocious.  Personally, I've been playing Pilot Hunt more than anything, as it takes away from the players who use them to pad their scores and lets players use then more for what they're intended for: getting players their titans faster.